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Part #27
Remote System With Quick Disconnect & Universal Fill   Adapter and a Steel Braided Remote Line.

Part #28
Deluxe Coil Remote System With Quick Disconnect 
& Universal Fill Adapter.

Stainless Steel Lines
4in Part # 89
5in Part # 90
6in Part # 91
7in Part # 92
8in Part # 93
9in Part # 94
10in Part # 95
12in Part # 2271

SOLD OUT ...Green Part # 3087
SOLD OUT .....Blue Part # 3085
Red Part # 3086
Dual Hole Co2 Bottom Line Adapter

Part # 2941
PMI Drop Forward With Stright Holes

Part # 3405
Spyder Bottom Line Kit With Screws

Blue Part # 3232BL
Black Part # 3232BK
Red Part # 3232RD
Colored Quick Release Bottom Lines With 90 Elbows

Drop Forward With Co2 Adapter
Really Nice Drop Forward With Built On Co2 Adapter Great For Co2 Or Compressed Air Tanks Has 2 Bottom Line Holes So One Can Be Used For The Line And The Other For A Guage ... Come With Plug For One Of The Holes If You Don't Want To Install A Gauge For Now
Fits All Guns Tippmann Spyders With Straight Or Crossed Hole Grip Frames

3rd Generation Pro-connect. Made to easily connect at pressures from 400-900psi (the typical output pressure of paintball tanks). A single push button makes disconnecting easy automatically shutting off air .... Typically used with Apocalypse nitrogen tanks, automags, and remote lines.
Stainless Steel Silver
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Tippmann A-5 Grip Block Adaptor
Allows the use of an aftermarket drop forwards with the standard in-line hole pattern.
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