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Part #1236marb

Paintball of the  Year (PCRI) 1996 and 1997 and AGAIN in 1999!  This paintball is  the  most consistent ball on the market. It has good marking characteristics and is dead on  accurate. The unique formulation and swirl effect gives you the  competitive edge in any paintball marker. Highly recommended for tournaments anywhere in the world

Plane White Box 2000rds Case Of Paintball Made By A Name Brand Just Packaged For Rental Use... Same Paint Sell In Retail Box For $54.99 ....Good Quality Without The Price... Yes You Are Seeing Right 2000rds For Only $26.99 ... This Deal Will Not Last Price Good Till Over Stock Is Gone !

The premium choice for GameFields and Stores, Rec Events and Big Games. Every marker made can be improved by feeding it BLAZE! Strong visible fills won't stain And Players love the reliable break-on-target performance.
- 2000 round case
- Premium quality, our biggest seller
- Fills: "regular" easy to clean
- Shell: "standard" break on impact, not in gun- Aerodynamically sized
- performance caliber
- Smaller bore custom sizing
sorry no choice of color whatevers available at this price who cares


Has Replaced BIG BALL Just so you know
It is now even better paint but still the same great price
.68 Caliber 2000 Round Box  BIG ON VALUE, NOT ON PRICE! RP Scherer quality, packaged 2000 per case to take the bite out of high retail prices.

Over Stock Sale Hurry This Price Will Not Last. Price Good Only Till Over Stock Is Sold

The most dependable Rec-paint anywhere, Midnight is economical, without the "mystery batches" that plague the other low-priced brands. Fills wash out, and Midnight runs clean through every kind of marker. Now available in colored shells: Moonshine Yellow, Crimson Red, Aurora Orange, and more.
- 2000 round case
- Recreational grade
- Fills: "regular"-easy to clean
- Shell: "tough"-breaks on impact, not in gun
sorry no choice of color whatevers available at this price who cares what color

Part #1353

Tippmann Squadbuster Grenade


misc. colors
end of run paintballs
no guarantee of quality
2000rd case plain white box

RPS Evil Paintballs
Brand new paintballs from RP Scherer! The new Evil paint is guaranteed not to stain clothing or equipment. This paint, the most feared paint in the world, is available to the general public for the first time. It provides increased range and features perfect roundness and consistent size. Use Evil paint and rule the world! 2000rd Case

Full Case - 2,000 Rounds. Mid bore - Mid Quality. 32 Degrees Competition is a good recreation paintball on a budget price. A good recreational ball for playing in the bark yard. Great for just about any player any time.

500 Rds Bag Of Paintballs
Bigball, Zap Or 32 Deg Competition Sorry No Choice Of Color Or Brand ... Grab Bag Style

1000 Rds 2 Bags Of Paintballs
Bigball, Zap Or 32 Deg Competition Sorry No Choice Of Color Or Brand ... Grab Bag Style

RPS Polar Ice

Specially formulated to allow play in colder weather conditions. Polar ice paintballs do not become brittle in the cold weather. Players using polar ice paintballs can be sure there shots will break on the targets instead of the hopper or barrel.

Formula 13

A great new economical paintball thats good for all seasons great marking and very little unwanted breaks in gun while always breaking on the target .... from Diablo! 2000 Count Case.

Arctic Inferno

is a pure hard-core winter formula made in Canada, the country that invented snow mobiles, hockey, and ice-fishing. Canada's hostile winters create the ultimate proving-ground for winter paint, and the proof is in: Arctic Inferno delivers the best cold-weather performance money can buy. The advantage of actual game-day testing in a genuine outdoor climate has proven invaluable in making Arctic Inferno a winner. Not only is this paint flawless in cold weather, but we have people call and swear this stuff works perfect year round! Start shooting it today and get used to one of the best year round balls we have ever had
in stock!

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