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Part # 2990
Ricochet 2K Electronic Loader
digital ball counter
digital game timer
Feed rate is 10-12 balls per second
Viewloaders New VL Quantum
electronic agitating feed loader. This 140 count electronic loader designed for the intermediate player features a spring-loaded flip cap lid, one touch operation, a feed rate up to 8 balls per second, and a high impact resistant shell. The new VL Quantum loader requires one 9 volt battery
Cat-tail propeller
Feeds up to 8 balls per second.
Easy open lid
The spring loaded flip cap allows you to easily fill up to 140 paintballs and provides a secure fit.
One touch on/off operation
Extends battery life.
Great for someone on a budget and looking for constant feeding performance Clear

Part # 2990
Ricochet AK Electronic Loader
Does Not Have Digital Counter
Feed rate is 10-12 balls per second

View Loader 12v Revolution with X-Board
Black w/ Clear Lid
The VL Revolution is the flagship of the ViewLoader line. This 200 count patented electronic agitator loader with spring loaded flip cap has set the industry standard on the tournament field. Designed for the serious tournament player, the VL Revolution is fastest feeding loader on the market today. This loader incorporates a 12V power agitating system and improved paddle design that provides a much quicker response time and unmatched feed rate. This is the loader to use if you need the ultimate in performance. It is equipped with an internal anti-jam mechanism that agitates the paintballs when the feed neck becomes empty. The VL Revolution’s four blade propeller will feed 10-12 balls per second. Two 9V batteries are required. Batteries not included!

Will come clear or smoked
Clamp Type Elbow

7/8 to 1" elbows
1" to 1" elbow


Part # 3621
Straight Elbow
For Vertical Feed Guns A Must Have !
Buy A Spare Just In Case You Break One Out In The Field

Part #22

200 Round Hopper. Spring loaded plastic top, holds approx 200 paintballs. black

New from Ricochet the G2K, check out all the featurs this gravity feed hopper has to offer.
*Heavy Duty Polycarbon Construction
*No Spill Top Loading Lid
*Adjustable O-Ring Neck
*Patented Deflection Engineering
*180 ball capacity
*Sweet Design
Smoked Out Clear So You Can See How
Much Paint You Have Left

Ricochet 2KX LCD Electronic Loader
Introducing the world's fastest 9V loader. Feed your beast without breaking the bank.
The Ricochet 2KX features:
Adjustable O-Ring Feed Neck
Spring Loaded Lid
14-15 balls per second
Audio Timer Options with Mute Function
Battery saver Auto-Off after 20 minutes of non-use.
Dark Smoke

Oddyssey Halo Loader TSA LED
Sound Activation - agitates on the firing of your marker.
Tilt Sensing - the agitator always pulls the balls up towards the feed hole. If you tilt it to the right, it spins counter-clockwise. If you tilt to the left it spins clockwise. Low frontal profile with 210+ ball capacity. Backman LED version 14+ Balls Per Second !
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